For over 65 years, the goal at Diversified Manufacturing has been to provide full services in engineering, metal fabrication, machining, sheet metal, integration, assembly, and engineering support, all backed by our quality promise. The following is just a snapshot of what we offer our customers.


DM's Welding Department is organized for maximum efficiency. With experienced welders, a large workspace, and state-of-the-art equipment, our department is able to complete complex weldments and assemblies with one 30 ton piece.


At each of our 20+ CNC machining centers, our highly skilled teams use cutting edge equipment to design and produce custom solutions that exceed our clients' expectations for even their most challenging projects.


DM offers our customers the material options to meet their fabrication needs, and has the equipment, expertise, and quality assurance in place to ensure that every part of the process meets the highest of standards.

Final Metal Preparation

In order to provide the very highest quality products to our customers, we're fully equipped to put all the finishing touches on your order. From sandblasting and polishing to coating, your products will be completed exactly as requested.


At DM, we want to give our customers access to as many high quality products as possible. With our engineering team's help, we are able to offer our clients fully rehabbed, dependable, budget friendly aftermarket products that meet or exceed their standards.


DM prides itself on building quality products that last. When the heavy demands of your industry start to wear down a piece of equipment you rely on, you don't always need to replace it. We offer remanufacturing services to put our products back in full working order at a fraction of the cost of a total replacement.

Quick Ship

Your business can't stop every time a piece of equipment goes down. DM's Quick Ship service allows you to “skip the line” and get the replacement or repair services you need ASAP. While service times vary, Quick Ship means that getting you back up and running is our team's number one priority.